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Besides these success stories, you can also view customer case studies from other countries: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark and Holland.

Carlsberg used Projectplace for its ZORBA project, resulting in a new solution for managing 12,000 valves and pumps. “It exceeded all expectations. By using Projectplace we saved a full man-year on the project,” says Kim Christensen, Senior Project Manager,  Carlsberg.

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“Projectplace literally ticked every single box our CIO outlined - collaboration, task management, mobility, and ease of use. IT introduced a common tool and language and we’re finally out of the PowerPoint business”, says Brian Tharp, IT PMO Manager at Mentor Graphics.

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“Projectplace delivers a great framework for the project work. The Kanban boards ensure transparency and clarity – at the employee and project manager level”, says Alexander Fitz, CEO of H-Hotels AG

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“Projectplace is a really, really useful tool to bring all the people you need around the project and the project work that you need to undertake”, says Paul Macmillan, Organizational Development and Corporate Affairs Officer, The National Health Service (NHS)

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“Projectplace contributes to greater transparency and better collaboration” says Jörg Glunde, Vice President Projects for PMI Munich Chapter e.V.

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Being able to set priorities, collaborate and communicate regarding all project deliverables in real-time and on one platform, TB Spirits Group claims to save 1,300 man hours a year by using Projectplace.

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“Projectplace has helped us optimize our product development processes. Whenever any problems appear on the horizon, we are now able to react in advance to prevent them from occurring.” says, Barbara Burmann, Project Manager, burgbad GmbH.

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Projectplace’s online collaboration tool is helping in the development of a new master’s course designed by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. The university develops courses with a strong emphasis on e-learning in partnership with universities across Europe.

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Alpine World Cups planned on the ski slopes. “An important aspect of the Meetings and Events Management programme is using a tool that is modern and gives you complete control”, says Christer Svensson, lecturer at Campus Åre.

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Swiss scientists are using Projectplace for teamwork and projects. “Projectplace makes it very easy for different people to connect, enabling direct communication about contents” says Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schulze, Director, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

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“Projectplace not only looks better than other comparable solutions, but it is also more intuitive and easier to handle”, says Leander van Delden, Solution Manager Org IT International Deutsche Leasing AG

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Up until 2004, the world's largest heavy metal festival, Wacken Open Air, was planned using Excel. "An impossible task,” says Jürgen Lochbrunner, Chief Stage Manager of the Wacken event team. “Since then, our core team of 100 international members has been using Projectplace for planning all aspects of the event - from file sharing to booking meetings and sharing a platform for communicating to achieve a common goal.”

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Rickard Bäcklin, CEO of B2B agency Hilanders, believes that more communication agencies should operate more transparently and employ modern interaction with their clients, with all project participants having access to the same data, coordinated and updated. And the ability to add new project participants with a simple push of a button.

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AEG Power Solutions manages all IT projects with Projectplace, making use of its full range of functionalities. The introduction of Projectplace has allowed the IT teams in the various branches across the world, which previously operated as “scattered units”, to form a global unit.

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The Norwegian Coastal Administration uses Projectplace to secure efficient collaboration and information sharing during incident management. Both internal and external parties are quickly invited and kept up to date with the situation, and thanks to smartphones and iPads they can stay informed even while on the move.

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Prodata Mobility Systems boosts efficiency by 30%. The business saves 10-20% each year in travel. With projects being delivered on time, Prodata’s customers can get the general public where they need to be safely and on time.

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Publisher MEDIENHAUS Verlag relies on Projectplace: the service meets its requirements for a clear document management system combined with social media features and is also available on mobile terminal devices. Interactive collaboration makes it easier to create and produce the specialist magazines professionally.

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When management consultancy firm PeakVantage guides its clients through complex takeover and change processes, a key component in ensuring a successful conclusion is the cloud-based social collaboration tool Projectplace.

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The construction by E.ON of one of the world’s largest wind farms just off the Danish coast has resulted in a renewed drive for efficiency. When collaboration between numerous suppliers, consultants and employees needs to run like a well-oiled machine, everyone must have access to the same information.

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In the consultancy business every single hour costs money, and to the clients it is important to know that every hour is used efficiently. As both the client and the Mantacore project team have access to the visual timeline, everyone can see what is being done and what is planned.

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Budde Industrie Design uses Projectplace in its product development. Since it is easy to understand when data was edited and by whom, the client receives a strong impression of reliability. “Employees are no longer bombarded by e-mails, their work is much less stressful.” The fact that Projectplace is web-based was an advantage from the start. “What would we do with an internal solution? We also need to communicate with the outside world,” says Paul Budde.

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ProEvent has brought an overview and flexibility to its projects and created a shared platform for participants in a project with Projectplace. “In Projectplace, we bring everyone’s services together and the client can follow our progress live.”

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For ABB rapid action is vital in the event of its IT systems being disrupted. “If an important IS/IT system goes down, it can mean a drop in production worth millions of Swedish kronor,” says Mats Granström, IS Information Manager at ABB Sweden’s CIO Office in Västerås. ABB Sweden uses Projectplace as a social hub and nerve centre for crisis communication.

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku in Azerbaijan was won by singer Loreen with her song “Euphoria”. Loreen’s win means that the huge 2013 festival is now set to take place in Malmö in Sweden in May. Projectplace ensures that the music project runs smoothly and that all those involved receive the information they need, when they need it, no matter where they are in the world.

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NETSit GmbH carries out its projects successfully with Projectplace. While previously a wide range of systems was used, now it is not only an overview of the projects that is guaranteed at all times. Working together on documents and the opportunity to include employees and clients no matter where they are also make the projects efficient.

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Projectplace’s speed, ease of use and clear transparency were major benefits in making the project successful. Using Projectplace, BSkyB not only had much more control over version management, but it also helped them to manage changes on the estate.

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Oxfam Novib deal with lots of different projects which require communication measures, in the form of direct marketing campaigns or flyers, for instance. Setting up and maintaining all these projects involves meticulous planning. Once they switched to Projectplace, collaboration was greatly improved.

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“We use Projectplace on a daily basis to collaborate, share and plan our project activities. Projectplace enables us to store all project information in one place, so it can be easily accessed and enriched by all project participants.” Dr. Boris Krassi, ManuVAR project coordinator, VTT Research.

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“Projectplace not only ensured we could overcome our challenges, it made our project more robust because we could collaborate productively to help achieve every organisation’s specific goals within a tight timeline.” Nadine Fry, Programme Manager, NHS North West Mental Health Collaboration.

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Projectplace provided Sandvik with a common forum on the internet where all internal and external stakeholder groups could coordinate and share important documents in a secure way.

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An independent case study concludes that Cambio Healthcare Systems AB, one of Sweden’s largest vendors of healthcare administrative systems, enjoys a return on investment for Projectplace, worth 4.5 times the cost.

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Egedal Municipality began using Projectplace in the spring of 2011, focusing primarily on the tools ability to develop more efficient version and task management processes, as well as follow-up across the municipality’s three locations.

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“I use Projectplace for everything,” he says. “All types of project I manage are in Projectplace. It’s a fabulously practical project management tool, and over the years I have seen how its user-friendliness has just got better and better” says Magnus Robbestad, General Manager at Veritech AS.

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Neumann Bygg AS started using Projectplace in November 2008, and it has proved to be an extremely useful and cost-effective tool for them in all ICT projects. Currently, 19 projects are being run through Projectplace, and the IT manager is able to oversee them all.

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Projectplace gives EB Kontakt full control over its extensive fibre optic network projects. The company has been using Projectplace for almost a year now, and can no longer contemplate a working day without it. “Projectplace is just right for the type of projects we undertake, with numerous parties involved and frequent plan revisions,” says Cato Hilsen of EB Kontakt.

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Bybanen AS is owned by Hordaland county authority and is responsible for administration, operation and maintenance of the Bergen Light Rail infrastructure and rolling stock. Bybanen Utbygging (Bergen Light Rail Expansion) is Hordaland county authority’s department with responsibility for project planning and expansion of Bergen Light Rail.

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Projectplace is a standardised form of collaboration for us. We need a virtual workplace to prepare quotations with each other. Projectplace provides us with this ready-made workplace,” says Tjip Douwstra, head of business unit at Visser & Smit Hanab.

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“This new way of working using Projectplace has made document management simpler and easier to understand, enabling us to exchange information more efficiently and quickly with our partners,” says  Erik van Nistelrooij, Team leader Configuration & Document Management at Stork SP Aerospace.

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A virtual working environment where project managers can work together on an outsourcing project is an absolute must for KPN. The larger the group, the more stringent the requirements for reciprocal communication. Projectplace is excellent at meeting these requirements.

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"With Projectplace we can steer our projects, without having to do much. Tasks are conveniently delegated, and we always have an overview. "
- Henning Lensch, RRP Architekten + Ingenieure GBR

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Aumann Katzsch uses Projectplace particularly as the current data pool for data storage. The advantage here is consistency: all files from all phases of the project are available in their current form.

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Overall, the authorised signatory thinks use of Projectplace has proved its worth. "Not least because of its transparency, there were fewer misunderstandings and thus fewer delays – a concrete benefit" says Lothar Preis, DPD GeoPost Service GmbH.

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Vendemore is a rapidly growing marketing communication company. The company chose Projectplace after realising that the service could streamline its work and massively simplify collaboration with clients.

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Concent, often with some 35-40 construction projects running simultaneously, has been using Projectplace since 2003. Furugren appreciates not only the technical functionality but also the personal backup on offer.

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When international engineering firm Haldex divided its organisation into three separate companies, a project tool was required to make the project, which cost SEK 100 million, transparent and straightforward. The preferred solution was Projectplace, which helped Haldex to complete the work without compromising on either safety or confidentiality.

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One project; 13 countries; 40 people. On behalf of the European Commission, the Working Life Forum (Arbetsmiljöforum) is chairing Gender-CoP, which is coordinated by project manager Bengt Nilsson. His tool: Projectplace.

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SAS Insitute has used Projectplace since 2002 for both internal and external projects. External projects are often focused on SAS software implementations or upgrades and frequently involve consultants from one of SAS Insitute’s partners.

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IMI doesn’t employ a single IT infrastructure across its subsidiary businesses. As Group Supply Chain activities became more and more involved in cross-division projects, owning and sharing key documents was increasingly difficult.

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As a major European construction group, Volker Wessels is involved in a wide range of projects. With project teams spread over a number of different locations, document exchange can be problematic, especially when circulating many large files.

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In 2009, Zurich saved almost EUR 400,000 by using video conferences in combination with Projectplace’s online meeting function as an alternative to physical meetings.

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Vodafone’s requirement was a virtual office, accessible to each member of the project team and in which the needed documents could immediately be found, true to the motto: “if the world is your office, wireless networking is indispensable.

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West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust chose Projectplace as the major web based project management system for implementing major new Health PFI Projects, as well as for managing the Trust’s more routine capital projects portfolios.

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J.S.Cock delivers important components to offshore and land-based industries internationally. Oversight, control and transparency are extremely important in avoiding delays and the accompanying major costs for their customers.

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PMI UK needed to give volunteers access to documents produced by a large number of people at different times and in different places, and the ability to exchange them.

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“The web-based service provided by Projectplace helped us immensely during the implementation of EASIS: it iseasy to use and is completely self-explanatory”, states Dr Vera Lauer, Manager E/E Concepts and Technologies, Daimler AG.

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Cancer Research UK needed an online collaboration tool which required minimum engineering costs. It also needed to be accessible to people of different backgrounds, who could take advantage of Projectplace’s transparency.

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More projects and a major re-organisation prompted The Swedish National Archives to choose Projectplace: “Projectplace is an internal success. We now have an organisation that is process-controlled, and Projectplace is helping us to work more efficiently.”  

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